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My name is William Gregory Larsen.  People call me Billy, I’m not sure why.  I’m not too tall, but not really short.  Not fat but not really skinny.  My 7th grade english teacher, Mrs. White, used to tell me I was too vague.  I am competitive.  I have a blog.  I’m pro-facebook, pro-life, and pro-naps.  I do not like grasshoppers, burning my tongue, or the lord of the rings movies.  A few of my favorite places in the world are the beach, Trafalgar Square, and Angel Stadium. I love Jesus.  I’ve caught a #7 Calico, #25 Yellowtail, #45 Albacore, #100 Striped Marlin, #167 Yellowfin.  I can freestyle, but only in other countries.  I am from the future.


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I am William. I do commercial real estate. I do not make money. I think a lot. I spell poorly.







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